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a place to share pictures and stories about your adorable poochies :D

Hi, welcome to doggie_pix!

Est. 10.08.08

The creation of this community was inspired by our sister community, kittypix. We thought it was about time to include the dogs in our lives too! If you are currently a member of kittypix and have some fluffy poochies to share, we encourage you to join doggie_pix as well!

This community is a very simple, but fun one to be a part of. Members become aquainted with other members and their dogs (or any other dogs, for that matter!) just by sharing stories, pictures, videos, artwork, etc. Don't be shy! :)

Every community has its rules, and while we don't have many, there are a few things you should acknowledge prior to joining...

••• Doggie_Pix Community Rules •••

1) Obviously photos will be a huge part of this community. However, even though you may post as many photos as you wish, we do ask that you make use of the famous "lj-cut" technique when posting more than two photos. This is to ensure that the friends pages of our members do not become overloaded with photos.
If you are not sure how to use an lj-cut, please view this page for more information.

2) Please, do not come to this community asking for money or donations for your animal. An exception is if you contact a moderator ahead of time and get permission to do so, based on your situation. If we see this being posted without getting permission, we will immediately delete your post.

3) Keep in mind that this is a dog only community! We ask that all kitty pictures be posted in kittypix. Unless of course, they include some doggies :)

4) And, most importantly, be respectful to everyone in this community. It is, by all means, okay to state your opinion on any given situation, however, all we ask is that you do so in a mature and polite manner. If we notice any member ignoring this rule, they will be removed from the community without hesitation. Don't say we didn't warn you! Just be nice :D

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns in regards to this community, please contact (karmen) through LJ Messaging.

Adopt a pet @ http://www.petfinder.com/! :)

Thank you, and enjoy your time in doggie_pix! :D

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